Vision & Mission

- To spread the message of Christ and the biblical knowledge through online to as many persons as possible.

- To decode the literary forms contained in the Bible.
- To bring out the meaning of the Bible for the present world.
- To cater to the young and educated generation which has access to online and the internet.
- To make use of the easy and fast ways of learning through online.

- To introducing all the books of both Old Testament and New Testament through 24 booklets spread to the maximum of two years.
- To have lessons with the following thrusts
- To give the basic information that will be useful to understand the book/s (background division, literary forms used etc).
- To explain the main theological messages that the books of the Bible communicate.
- To relate these messages to personal, social and religious life.
- To test the knowledge of the students through objective and descriptive type questions.
- To clarify the doubts the student may have while reading the lessons.
- To encourage the students by issuing interim and completion of Course certificates.